It’s All About You

Hello lovely people on the interweb. Its’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here but following on from a business networking event last night with lots of lovely women I thought I would share some musings that I gleaned from the evening.

We were fortunate enough at the event to have a guest speaker who’s subject matter was all about physical fitness. Or was it.

The lovely Lisa from OptiMum Health come along to chat to us about her experiences in the fitness sector. It’s fair to say, Lisa is not your average personal trainer by any stretch of the imagination. As someone who has had first hand experience of juggling work with children along with a whole host of other demands, she knows how difficult it is sometimes to see the big picture. She takes a holistic approach to health, recognising the importance of the wellness of the mind and the associated impact on the wellness of the body. Her passion about the subject shone through and what struck me is that she presented the whole of her self to us.

She clearly has a great knowledge about wellness but she has a great interest in people too. It felt like she was talking to each and everyone of us in the room. She shared her own vulnerabilities as well as her learning experiences and her successes. Essentially, she is a fantastic speaker, business woman and thoroughly lovely person. Like a said, definitely not your average personal trainer.

January seems to be awash with individuals, business and corporations promising to help you achieve your goals and change your life. Really?

For me, its refreshing to meet someone who is truly passionate about teaching people to see something oh-so-very simple. Its all about You.