Progress Not Perfection – My 2017 Goals, A Work in Progress (Part 1)

barefoot coaching cards

Whilst everywhere I turn, there are lots of new years resolutions and goals being published for the world to see, it’s safe to say I’m currently in something of a reflect and review phase.

I’m a busy working mummy of one and whilst I love the idea of setting stretching visions, all too often these can become another pressure to the daily grind. Rather than a transformational change, I see my 2017 as being a process of incremental habit changes. Progress not perfection. Quite often, the thought of any change can be pretty mind blowing when you have the nursery run/sales pitch/this evenings dinner to think about, but it can be made all the more possible with the help of an inspirational mentor or coach to help you on your way. In the absence of a personal one-to-one with your personal Mr Motivator, one of the daily affirmation/review cards that are widely available could be a good place to start to break down your whirring thought processes into manageable chunks of meaningful information.

I’ve decided to use the Kim Morgan Coaching Cards for Every Day to get me started. Not only is Kim one of the leading coaches in her profession along with being a regular contributor to Psychologies magazine but I’ve had the privilege of attending a Springboard Training programme with her a few years ago and I absolutely loved it.

This is the card that I’ve pulled out of the pack today;

I’m going to try and pull a card out of the pack each week and let you know how I get on – bear with me though, this is the year of creating new habits so give me time to settle into the rhythm!

So, back to this weeks question; “What are your top 5 experiences in life so far?”

  1. Having my son (everyday is a new experience, some better than others!)
  2. Taking the leap to go self-employed
  3. Completing my MBA
  4. Travelling to India alone
  5. Meeting my husband (cheesy but I’m feeling sentimental, it’s the new year ok!)

What are your top 5 experiences in life and how did they make you feel? x


Liebster Award!

The very lovely has very kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award – hurrah!

I’ll be completely honest, I had no idea what this was to start with but after a little reading it appears to me to be a very neat way for fellow bloggers to support others and also to reveal a little more about ones self

As with any award, there are rules;

1. Acknowledge the blog that has nominated you and display the Liebster Award on your Blog

2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself

4. Nominate 11 blogs that you think are deserving of the award with less than 200 twitter followers or who haven’t received a Liebster Award before

5. Let those bloggers know you have nominated them

6. Give them 11 questions to answer

Phew, you still with me? That is rather a lot so here goes;

liebster badge

1. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

I’m not a jump out of a plane kind of girl but I have travelled to the Far East & India alone

2. Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?

Rome – there’s something totally magical about that place.

3. If you could do one thing tomorrow that you’ve always dreamed of, what would it be?

Travel the world with my family to spread the word about my amazing business idea that has made me millions. Just need to come up with the business idea. Minor detail.

  1. If you won a car what would you do with it?

I’m not going to deny, I’m a car snob (champagne tastes/lemonade budget perhaps) so if it was a Skoda, I’d trade it straight in. If it was a Range Rover Evoque, I’d pose around in it for a good few months before reluctantly trading it in to fund the aforementioned amazing business idea……that I need to come up with.

  1. What is your favourite drink?

I’m partial to the Prosecco but the Red Wine rules in our house – preferably Italian

  1. Who is the first person you go to in your time of need?

Without question, my lovely hubby

  1. What is one goal that you have not yet met but are working to achieve?

I wouldn’t say I’m actively working to achieve it at the moment (due to mummy/work/blog time) but I would love to do my PHD at some point

  1. Do you think you’ll move house again?

Well, obviously when my amazing business idea (did I mention that?) comes to fruition we’ll have a house across the globe but until then, I reckon we’ll stay put for now. Moving house is very stressful in my experience!

  1. If you only had time to save one thing in your home, what would it be?

Well, assuming husband and Nipper are safely outside with me and the hunky firemen, it would possibly be photographs. However, as much as we all like nice things around us I’m not especially sentimental about stuff, only people.

  1. In your life, what brings you the most happiness?

My beautiful little family

  1. Where is your happy place?

Saturday mornings with my other half the the little person, bacon sarnie and coffee on the go and the weekend together stretching ahead of us.

I’ll be posting my nominations and questions in a 2nd post as its getting late……and its also hairwash night (!) so toodlepip for now and check back soon to see who the lucky peeps are that I’ll happily pay this forward too x