2 Pooped Parents and 1 Bottle of Red

As I finally sit down with a (very) large glass of red wine and reflect on the weekend that was, it still amazes me at how my life has changed since he arrival of the Nipper. I thought I was short on time before he arrived………Ha, I now laugh in the face of my former time-poor-but-actually-time-rich self!

My weekends BB (Before Baby) generally commenced with the Friday beer unwind after a generally exhausting week at work. There’s no doubting that corporate life can be pretty frenetic at times, but 3 evening business functions and 12 hour days were way more exciting than a 1am vomit cleanup and 3 incidences of seemingly random child insomnia sessions. Oh, and 18 hour days leave no time for unwind beers.

Saturday BB was generally spent working out the pros and cons of having a workout at the gym before or after my hair appointment and if I also had time to go clothes shopping before getting back to beautify for a swanky meal out with friends. This Saturday I took a walk with the husband in the freezing cold to investigate our new local butchers followed by a stop off at the park on the way back so the nipper could have a go on the swings. Nipper then refused to get out of the aforementioned swing and therefore screamed all the way back to the house.

Frantic sandwich preparation and house cleaning then commenced before our antenatal friends arrived for afternoon tea with their kids in tow who then proceeded to systematically destroy the house over the course of the ensuing 3 hours. Us adults had a jolly team keeping the children away from any kitchen cupboard doors/other children’s slapping hands/escaping through the front door whilst stuffing cake into our mouths and drinking cold tea in between keeping one eye on the kids and attempting some kind of adult conversation interspersed with various children’s names every other sentence or so – “So how about that situation in the MATILDA Middle East?”. Our Saturday night was then spent in a heap on the sofa of crumbs in front of The Voice.

BB, lazy Sundays started with a fantastic lie in, a full English and a read of the papers. Sunday lunch would inevitably be at the latest place to go and incorporate a full bodied red along the way. Today, we were awoken at the crack of dawn by some very loud singing to the favourite snuggly rabbit toy over the monitor. This was followed by a burnt bacon sandwich and a cold coffee. Sunday lunch was then at the very glamorous Chez Parents with Nippers 2 cousins. At least today the kids were systematically destroying someone else’s house. Due to an illegal 5 minute morning nap in the car following an earlier trip to Sainsburys for life’s essentials (more blue top milk), the little cherub did not have a full afternoon nap therefore we had to leave Chez Parents before the Sara Lee gateaux was even presented and return for bath and bed before full throttle meltdown was fully engaged.

And so here we are collapsed on the sofa (again)with a bottle of red, the one tangible reminder of the life that was BB. And I never thought I’d say this, but I wouldn’t change it for the world x

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