Avoiding Kiddy Mealtime Meltdowns

So far in the life of the little nippers extensive 16 month life, mealtimes haven’t been too stressful but I’m starting to feel the little notches of tension quietly starting to ratchet up. The boy has always been pretty good with his food, but his firm standpoint that any bread like substances or fruity foodstuffs must NOT be on his plate is starting to make things a little tricky. That, combined with an aversion to cheese (except when occasionally melted on toast, which makes NO sense when reference is made to my earlier sentances) and eggs are a total no-go zone.

This means that following a breakfast of Weetabix or dried cheerios, lunch is generally what I would term a ‘main meal’ ie pasta, fish pie, chicken risotto and dinner is more of the same. He is a very well fed little boy. Vegetables are not too much of a problem, but fruit will only pass his lips when of the smoothie variety.

This means that lunch on the go is often pretty limited. If we’re out and about, I generally have to take food with me as I do find that kiddy  menus are often pizza, chips, chicken nuggets which are on the refusal list. Which I guess may not be a bad thing as they probably have the nutritional value of zero. However, sometimes I do need to step away from the pressure of providing my child with the most nutritional foodstuffs know to man for the sake of, well, convenience. There I said it. Its simply a pain in the ass to always take stuff around with me and sometimes I just want him to eat what’s available wherever we are.

I get the feeling that this is a naïve and non-existent utopia I’m looking for and whilst I wouldn’t say the tiddler is massively fussy, I’m at a loss of how to convince him that quick scrambled egg iss not the poison of the devil.

I’d be interested to know how others get the kiddywinkles to try different food options – I need some ideas!

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