Banish The Winter Virus Blues….

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time (or perhaps more a case of the will) to post on account of our household being on the constant winter virus merry go round for the last month or so. We’ve had the regular old colds, stomach bugs and general under the weather feeling. We’ve also had the delight of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. Now I’ll be honest, I thought THAT one was a special treat for our 4 legged friends only. It would appear not!

The nipper is still a bit of a poorly boy as he’s not really eating, is pretty grumpy & his breath smells like he’s eaten his own trump……..mmmmmm lovely. So whilst he’s back off to the docs tomorrow, me & the husband are getting back on track & determined not to let these pesky bugs get us down any more so we’re taking action:

1) Vitamins
Time to load up on vitamin c, echinacea and our Greens supplements.

2) Diet
When feeling poorly and listless, the first thing to slide in our case is often the quality/frequency of the food we eat. So goodbye bland & functional and hello tasty & nutritious. My worst habit is often going too long in between eating. So I’m getting on top of my planning and prep to get that part sorted

3) Exercise
Though sometimes the last thing I think I feel like doing, exercise really is my energizer. Again, planning and prep is the key to me fitting it in, but SUCH a worthwhile feeling when I do

4) Stay Positive
Bugs & germs may not be the biggest problem to have in life but they sure do make you feel fed up when they strike – particularly when you’re in a seemingly endless cycle of them. But maybe they’re just a good reason to slow-up, hunker down with some hot soup and a good film. Worry about the to-do list tomorrow, it will wait.

On reflection, it looks like I’ve started some early New Years resolutions – I’ll let you know how it goes!

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