Creating focus in order to simplify.

Well hello stranger, its been a while! As ever, my posting efforts on this blog are as inconsistent as ever due to the standard reasons of parenting, business and general life dramas. But you know what, I’m not going to beat myself up about that. Instead I’m going to share with you where I’m up to. A bit of an (edited) life update if you will.

When I started this blog back in 2013/14 I had a sniff that this digital thing really was going to take off and whilst I’ve been, let’s say, “tinkering about” others have scaled the heights of online success whilst I’ve been juggling the life balls without any real clear goals. Sure, I had some short term broadish targest such as growing the main business I run, being at the peak of fitness and a domestic goddess all at the same time. Totally realistic right? Well, it kind of turns out you need to pace these things, otherwise rather than being a high performer at all things you tend to be a bit shit at everything.


What I’ve also found is that I tend to be a bit hesitant about starting stuff. Well, not with any real long term commitment and gusto anyway. I have a really bad case of ‘shiny object’ syndrome so am easily distracted combined with a fair dose of imposter syndrome i.e. who am I to have a valid opinion about ANYTHING! Plus, is anyone really interested in my public outpouring of my inner dialogue? I could really go on but that’s whole other post!

Anyway, I digress which is moderately hilarious given the main point I’m trying to make. I want to focus on a key word of the year that can translate across all the roles I have to fulfill i.e. business owner, mother, wife, daughter, friend.


The very successful founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, Carrie Green, talks about creating mantras for the year that really provide an anchor point for your achievements. And she encourages you to say it out loud, put it out to the universe and live it. For me, I over complicate things to the point of decision and progress paralysis, so my goal for this year is to simplify. Cut out the fluff and just do it. I plan to ask for help when I need it, stop second guessing and keep focused. I plan to cut the distractions and keep things simple. Life is complicated enough without my unnecessary tinkerings around the edges.

So this is me putting it out there. Simplify. Who knows what this year will bring, I’ll keep you posted!

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