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Our dining room decor is in desperate need of a refresh so I’ve been busy creating a pinterest board and have been scouring the internet for some inspiration to give it a little refresh.

Interior decor is not a natural talent for me but I love looking at the beautiful homes others have created and adapting snippets that might work for us. We have a kitchen table that we often huddle around meaning that our separate dining room is languishing with neglect and becomes a dumping ground for book bags, shoes, pushchairs and lord knows what as it’s the first room that we naturally enter when we come through the front door.

The grand masterplan is to at some point renovate the kitchen and extend it which may cause the current dining room to ultimately be re-purposed so I’m not planning on replacing any of the key items of furniture, it’s more a case of a little bit of tarting up. 

Whilst it will of course be a family space, with the kids having taken over most of the house with their expanse of brightly coloured plastic tat, a grown up space will be the priority.  As with anyone with young kids, babysitters can be a little hard to come by so to have an entertaining space that is sectioned off from the teeny-takeover will be so useful.

The room itself isn’t tremendously large but I definitely think at least one feature wall in a dark colour will add depth. I really love the Farrow & Ball paint in Stiffkey

Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Paint

The rich contrast with our oak furniture should really lift and modernise the space whilst keeping it cosy.

Over the years we’ve also accumulated lots of different artwork from places we’ve visited and currently have them unceremoniously stored under the spare bed. A feature wall like this one from John Lewis is exactly what we need and set against the Farrow and Ball paint, will add real character to the space.John Lewis Gallery WallLast but by no means least, the drinks cabinet. I’ve resisted the urge to buy one before as they do remind me of my great old Auntie’s sherry cabinet. You know, the ones made from laminate wood with the drop down front from which you could serve yourself a tipple! Needless to say, things have moved on and this display cabinet from Scout About Interiors really caught my eye.

Drinks cabinet

I love the industrial look of it but also that it’s not going to overwhelm the room. Some display cabinets can be quite chunky things but this simple design keeps it discreet.

I’m hoping that with a few little updates, we’ll start to make use of the space a little more and it will no longer be lost to the sea of kiddy paraphernalia! How have you decorated your dining space? I’d love to be see your results and ideas x

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