Feeling the pinch

So I’m in the final week of maternity leave and boy am I feeling the pinch. Granted, I’ve had a whole year off but my bank balance has certainly paid the price. Whilst I haven’t exactly been the last of the big spenders, I haven’t really gone without either and the odd H&M dress and River Island flip flops have managed to make their way into my wardrobe during my time off.

If I was going back to my relatively reliable and regular income of my employed role, there would be no need to worry. But I’m taking the leap of faith into self employment just at the time when my personal assets aren’t much more than the aforementioned purchases! In all seriousness, we really won’t starve as we do have something of a safety net in the form of the family business – it’s not a complete step into the unknown for us. But I do have great admiration for those that really do have a blind faith and passion for a business which steers them towards confident risk taking and potential millionaire/bankruptcy status. in a number of cases it could easily be one or the other!

So I’m going to hold my nerve, try shopping at Aldi again (that’s another story) and work out how I’m going to make my first million!

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