Girls Night in at the Malmaison Leeds

In general, a girls weekend away usually causes me to return home more exhausted than before I went, so when I found that the beautiful Malmaison Hotel in Leeds offers a Girls Night In package I didn’t hesitate to hit the ‘Book Now’ button.

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During my 20’s, I was your typical work hard/play hard kind of gal. I would think nothing of drinking Jaeger Bombs until 2am and then get on the train at 7.00am the next morning for work, have a social lunchtime with colleagues, come home and go out again. I mean, if I think of the money I spent on wine, it makes my eyes water.

These days, if the hubster suggests putting on a film at 9pm I have a sweaty top lip moment that I may still be conscious at 11pm and that is not an effective use of my precious sleep window. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a penchant for the wine but I also now have 2 kids, a business and a husband to juggle and that my friends is bloody exhausting.

A close friend is in a similar boat so we were super excited that we could go away and have (in no particular order);

a) A full day and night with no obligatory time schedule

b) A full nights sleep

c) Uninterrupted shopping time

d) Cocktails

We started the day with a lovely glass of Prossecco at The Botanist, just to loosen us up for the afternoon ahead you’ll understand. What followed was a meandering afternoon of popping into shops and then having an occasional pitstop in one of the many lovely bars in Leeds. Angelica’s was ok (slightly lacking atmosphere) compared to The Alchemist which can only be described as positively rammed.

As the afternoon turned into evening, it’s usually at this stage that the race back to the hotel would begin in order to transform ourselves into the best versions of our glamorous almost 40-something selves. But don’t you find that when you break the spell of a relaxing afternoon of drinks, the brief intermission changes the mood and you spend the rest of the night chasing the chilled out vibe that you found earlier in the day?

The great thing about the girls night in package is that it takes away the pressure and expectation “to have the best night out EVER as we never go out anymore”. This time, we mooched back to the hotel bar to review our days purchases, man bash the husbands in their absence and debate whether Espresso Martinis at 7pm were really a good idea.

We headed up to the room and were in our PJ’s and slippers by 8pm catching the latest Strictly before our room service arrived at 9pm with an array of delights included in the deal which we could sadly hardly eat as we had ungraciously stuffed our faces for the whole day. By 10pm it was lights out and the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages.

The next morning, we had coffee in bed, read our magazines and then steadily got ready to go downstairs for the most amazing poached eggs and bacon I’ve ever had. It felt like we had managed to immerse ourselves in this bubble for a good 24 hours where we were just ourselves again. Not mummy, wifey, business owner or general dogsbody.

Isn’t it nice just to sometimes take time for yourself, something we’re all guilty of not doing enough I’m sure. But as the saying goes, you can’t drink from any empty cup. Or an empty cocktail glass it seems!

*This is not an Ad or gifted stay. The trip was paid for in it's entirety with my own money.

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