Happy Christmas to Me – Self Care at Christmas

I’ve been reading lot’s of posts lately about self-care and whilst the idea of taking time out for yourself is a genuinely awesome concept, the reality for most people juggling the demands of daily life means that this is something of a distant concept.

Alchemis Nottingham Christmas Tree

As a working mum of two, juggling a business with 2 boys under 5 years old, life can feel like a never ending merry go round with a bit of groundhog day thrown in for good measure i.e.

  • Get up at ridiculous o’clock
  • Take 67.5 seconds to get fully dressed, make up on and hair brushed whilst creeping around like a covert ninja for fear of waking a small person up before the Nespresso is activated
  • Activate Nespresso
  • Wrestle 2 kids into their clothes
  • Wrestle 2 kids to sit at the breakfast table
  • Walk to school in the rain to maintain the illusion of a ‘got my shit together mum who can work and be there for the kids’
  • Race to nursery for 2nd drop off
  • Arrive at office and drink more coffee
  • Work work work work
  • Collect kid no.1
  • Collect kid no.2
  • Wrestle kids into bath/bed/pyjamas/get the hell to bed routine
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

I know, lot’s of wrestling in that list. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely count my blessings for the life I lead but sometimes you need some time away to appreciate it even more. So I decided that my very extravagant self-care gift to myself this year would be some a day off.

A day off from the kids/work/general chaos of life. How every decadent.

I chose to spend the day with a very good friend under the productive guise of Christmas Shopping. In reality, we spent the day drinking prosecco, eating delicious food and rounding off with a sampling of mulled wine next to an artificial Christmas tree in a mock ski lodge in the middle of a UK city. And it was tremendous. I’m sure others are better than me at taking time away from the family and/or work to relax and re-group but I have that classic working mum syndrome. I have guilt when I’m with the kids that I should be working. And, of course, when I’m working I feel guilty that I’m not with the kids.

It’s like that saying goes, we parent like we don’t work and work like we’re not parents.

Sometimes something has to give. For me, sitting next to that fake Christmas tree drinking my $5 thimble of mulled wine from a paper cup was pure heaven.

Will you take some time out from the Christmas chaos for some me time and what does self-care look like for you?x

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