Avoiding Information Overload – Top 5 Productivity Tips

Avoiding information overload is so tricky especially when surrounded by ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ all over the place and it’s certainly something I suffer from. I don’t mean from a ‘I must buy that fancy new¬†kitchen appliance that I shall use once” i.e. the breadmaker, nutribullet……who, me? But seriously, I think it’s more from an information overload perspective.

We now find ourselves surrounded by marketing and media at every turn thanks mainly to the power of the iphone. Anyone remember when mobiles first came out, we thought it was just wild to use it as a phone but also send a text message, like that was EVER going to catch on. Hmmmm.

Well, although this new media world brings a whole world of freedom and a sense of escapism, it isn’t half a ginormous distraction not only from a personal perspective but as a business owner.

Hours can be completely lost checking out twitter feeds or Instagram stories as you flit between emails and writing that proposal that needs to go out by Friday gets relegated to midnight on Thursday. The latest Google search news interrupts my document production time (I’m in legal services by day!) as I think that perhaps we too should write a blog post about that thing that I briefly saw on that Linked in post from someone – cue wasting 20 minutes finding something that is probably irrelevant and also just not that important. Do NOT even get me started on You Tube – that sucks up time into some crazy vortex of business motivational speakers and make up tutorials that I will never properly remember when attempting a ‘winged eye’ whilst having a toy car thrown at my head by my 2 year old.

I’ve had a think about the 5 things that I’m going to try and do to avoid this distraction cataclysm that eats into my productivity – you might want to give them a go and let me know how you get on;

  1. Mono-Task & Focus

Forget all this multi-tasking nonsense. Yes, as women we can naturally think about what’s for dinner tonight whilst conducting a client presentation and messaging your friend about the much needed Friday night out. Focus on what you’re doing and you’ll be more effective, finish to a higher standard and in less time

2. Be Present

Whilst I’m busy juggling multiple tasks, I often miss what’s right in front of my nose. Clients subtle cues about their concerns, my son slightly worried about where his favourite racing car has gone. Life in general.

3. Reflect

Review the day. Often we’re achieved more than we realise and by acknowledging this, we can create a sense of satisfaction that may limit the need to search for more.

4. Time Management

Ok, I’m not suggesting I can for one minute cure my you tube addiction over night and nor should I. Sometimes we use this information searching quest as wind down time which is great. Just time limit it so that it doesn’t take over

5. Complete a task in one session

Sounds simple? As we flit between medias, we take much longer to complete individual tasks and probably to a lesser standard. Have a go at completing a task from start to finish without interruption and see how it makes you feel. Even better, make it something that you’ve been putting off for ages and give yourself a well earned pat on the back when you get it done.

Will be great to hear how you avoid distractions and increase your productivity! x



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