Is it really only Wednesday?

Wow, what a week and its only Wednesday! Whilst a lucky few have spent the day frolicking in the sunshine, I have been with the majorty of office workers across the country by spending my day in a fairly airless room. I travelled to the smallest county in the UK to learn all about Digital Marketing. And I loved it! A number of other small businesses were also in attendance and I really did gain a true insight into the variety and volume of business owners that are out there. From freelance Forensic Scientists to old school dating agencies, it was really interesting to hear about other peoples experiences, ideas and, in my opinion most importantly, their passion.

We learnt lots of tips and tricks about social media marketing, a little about the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation (it seems to me that only google themselves understand that one!) and alot about how not to do digital marketing! I came away with lots of ideas…….and I felt very free. Free to explore how we might grow the business. Free to make some decisions on the direction we would like to go in. And free to be, well free. Sure, its a scarey time going self employed and all of that but you know what, its worth a shot in my view.

Its been a busy week because I also spoke to my current employer about not returning from maternity leave – eeeeek, yes, I actually spoke those words out loud in front of my line manager. Its still all yet to be finalised (so shhhhh for now) but whilst I expected to be really quite sad to be leaving my previous workplace, I actually felt relieved. Relieved to be able to move forward.

But my biggest challenge of the week was trying to blow the little nippers paddling pool up yesterday. Who knew you had to have a whole special pump for those things and everything……….though I probably did buy an excessively large pool for a 9 month old. He’ll grow into it.

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