The Lincoln Mums Expo 2017 – Entertainment and Enlightenment

As the Mr had decided to take himself off to the exotic holiday resort of Butlins, Skegness (!) for a boys night out on Friday night, he was clearly going to be in no fit state to help entertain an energetic 3 year old on Saturday morning. So I was glad to hear that the Lincoln Mums Expo could be the answer to my problems. I had arranged to attend with a group of friends and their children but an outbreak of scarlet fever and chicken pox meant they were very much in quarantine.

So myself, bump and the small person headed off to the Bishop Grosseteste University campus to take a look at what fun was to be had. And we weren’t disappointed. First stop was a glitter tattoo from the lovely Leanne at Colour Me Happy. Beautifully applied but I do feel duty bound to mention that the tattoos are waterproof only because the little Mr still has his perfectly in place more than 24 hours later. He does have a bath every night. You know, just in case anyone was wondering.

Next step was the excellent play area provided by Bounce Wright Castles. As you can see from the picture, a push along bike was immediately commandeered and only reluctantly surrendered when the lure of the bouncy castle was just too much. The equipment provided was to such a great standard and the range available would be great if you were to hire a church hall style venue and needed to fill it with lots of soft play fun.

Whilst it would have been lovely to have attended one of the talks that was on offer (particularly the brilliant Lisa from Opti-Mum) the clock was ticking with a increasingly over-tired 3 year old in tow. So we opted to have a quick scoot around the marketplace where lots of stands displaying local children’s activity and product providers were located.

We said ‘Hi’ to Annual, our new favourite uber-cool children’s lifestyle store in Lincoln. An eclectic selection of Instagram-able stock with a quirky twist – be prepared not only to have the urge to buy everything on offer but to just hang out in the carefully curated surroundings.

We also had a really interesting chat with Jo from Emotionally Aware Feeding. I’m really interested to try a different approach to weaning with the next baby but also would like to  encourage the 3 year old to widen his food repertoire a little. Obviously this conversation was occurring whilst he was wolfing down a packet of sugar laden Love Heart sweeties. Look, I was in full bribery territory by that point as I was determined to get around all the stands!

There were so many great businesses there that this blog post would be insanely long if I mentioned them all. But what really stood out to me was the passion from each and every one of the business founders exhibiting, all of whom were super lovely and able to each offer something unique and personal.

The event was really well organised and laid out and I would really recommend attending if Lincoln Mums are kind enough to put on another event in the future. Don’t be shy if you’re pregnant or attending on your own – I made it around with a small person and a growing bump and emerged not only unscathed but positively enlightened x

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