Making a House a Home

I’m not going to claim to be the worlds best home maker. Nor am I an effortless interior designer. However, like most people, I wish I was as I browse constantly and lose endless hours checking out ‘creative types’ pinterest boards with envy – you’ll have already noted a distinct lack of filtered photography on this blog credited to yours truly.

But certainly all of this voyeurism helps me to appreciate that since the nipper has come along, I crave a Homes & Gardens type home. You know the kind with beautiful John Lewis crockery on a heavy wooden table with fresh wild flowers and a beautiful child looking on. I have the latter (if I may say so myself!) but just need to work on the surroundings within which the beautiful child is sat……usually in my case, who is covered with remnants of toast, apple juice and the current favourite, yoghurt.

Now I need to be realistic here. I am no Linda Barker (for those of you that remember the cult 90’s classic programme, Changing Rooms……..wasn’t that a terribly functional show title by the way). I also have a limited budget, particularly since embarking on self-employment and the highs and lows that brings to the pocket. But I’m kind of working on small touches to try and make my house…..well, more like my home.

I got the bench in the picture from B&Q (in the sale), the cushions from Sainsburys and the fairy lights (yes, I’ve even ventured into the land of fairy lights people) from B&M. A few inexpensive items have made a little corner of the garden our little haven. Sure, it won’t be on the front cover of Ideal Home but we kind of like it. Makes it a bit more comfortable and gives some personality to what would otherwise be something of a ‘meh’ area.

The pared down minimalist style of the noughties is still creating an interiors hangover for us – the fear of over personalisation looking a bit kitsch. So I’m taking small steps…….well, come on now – I actually have fairy lights in my garden so I’d claim that as a giant leap thank you!


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