Meal Planning with a Recipe Box – w/c 25th February

I generally use Tuesday as a meal planning night to plan ahead for the next week of evening meals. Like many other working families, weeknights are fairly hectic by the time we’re all back from work/school/nursery so I can’t do with faffing about rummaging through cupboards trying to find something decent to eat.

The youngest has his meals covered by his childcare arrangements 4 days a week and the eldest has a hot school meal at lunchtime and a light tea at after-school club. So it’s really just catering for me and the Mr midweek.

I generally do our food shopping online as it helps so much to keep to budget (and avoid those impulse buys) but I’m currently alternating with recipe box on a fortnightly basis. We’re trying the Morrisons Eat Fresh box at the moment for a little more inspiration away from the usual spag bol and sausages and mash. So far so good and the menu below for Monday – Thursday is based entirely on the box options for next week which makes my life somewhat easier!

As much as I plan, there’s still room for improvement and I really need to work on our lunches. They are usually leftovers (if we have any) or Dairylea Dunkers and Frube yoghurts i.e. kiddy leftovers.

But isn’t life but a constant work in progress, right? If you’ve got any tips on how you meal plan or work out your family food shop I’d love to hear from you. We’re still constantly nipping to the shop for extras so I’d really like to get the planning nailed.

For now, here’s what’s in store for me next week to get me through the nightly bathtime/bedtime chaos!

This is not a sponsored or collaborative post. All views expressed are entirely my own. No items were gifted.

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