M&S Summer Beauty Box – Is it worth the money?

In between rugby training for the 4 year old and strategic buggy-bound nap times for the 11 month old, I dodged the rain on Saturday and headed into Marks and Spencer for a little look around. I haven’t been into retail stores for an age. To be honest, those days of mooching around the shops at a leisurely pace are but whimsical fancy these days – I’m either at work or with the kidlets and it’s probably good for my bank balance for it to be that way.

There’s something about M&S that is warm and reassuring – the smell of fresh coffee from the cafe, the warm smiles from the staff (who by the way are the best of the best when you have kids in tow) and just that general sense of good quality. Clearly though, as a mum, the first priority is to go to the kids section. The standard mummy internal narrative of ‘how can I possibly spend my hard earned cash on myself before the kids’ took precedence as I found myself selecting matching lobster t-shirts (cute as) along with multi packs of 12-18 month vests that will constantly be in the washer due to the littlest ones propensity for a rather explosive digestive system.

As I went to pay for these essential purchases slightly sad that my youngest will shortly no longer be categorized in the 0-12 month baby section (sob), the cheery lady on the checkout admired the sleeping not-such-a-little-baby-baby and pointed out the M&S Summer Beauty Box offer. I’m not really one for impulse checkout purchases and have always thought of these boxes as being full of sample sized stuff that I’m never going to use.

M&S Beauty Box

Well slap me with some ginseng moisturizer and call me atlantic kelp converted. There is a minimum spend of £40 (fairly easily done if you have a penchant for matching lobster tshirts like me) but for £15 you get £135.00 worth of products. And they are not sample sizes. There’s a full size perfume, nail polish and lipstick in there for a start. I found some great hair products that are actually really nice (is it just me but I never know where to start with hair products) and a bunch of really nice treats, all of which I’ll definitely use.

And so as I was pondering over these delights, the sales assistant delivered the killer line. “You should make sure you treat yourself, not just the children’. Yes you well trained M&S lovely person, yes I should. And as I handed over my card to be swiped, I thought why not get a little treat for myself. I work bloomin’ hard in the office and am dedicated to the cause of nose wiping during my ‘non-working’ time. Whats a little Deep Sleep Pillow Spray between friends.

And was it worth the £15.00? Hell yes it was. I would totally recommend that if you have a few things to get from M&S, you treat yourself too – for £15 it’s an absolute steal!

If my renewed love for M&S means I’m hurtling towards middle age then I’m embracing it. And for the record,  I also have a National Trust membership to engender my aspiring-working-class-on-the-edge-of-forty status.

You can check out the beauty box here and see what’s inside for yourself.

*This post was not sponsored or gifted in any way, I just surprised myself as to how much I loved the box and wanted to share the love!

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