Mummy & Daddy’s big night out

In the constant role of parents, Mummy & Daddy’s big night out was somewhat overdue. However, The Mr and I have been a bit wild of late – we actually went out 3 times in one week last week. I know. We are crazy. And, one night was proper out-out, you know where you get moderately dressed up, try to look cool rather than over-excited about going to the now-not-so-new bar in town before staggering home far too late and facing the disapproving looks of the babysitters due to your excessive exploits on a ‘school night’. But we did have fun.

The first night out was to the not known to me at all Robin Hood Theatre in Newark. Now as someone who is not a fan of either theatre in general (I know I’m an ignoramus) nor musicals (see earlier bracketed comment), I didn’t have great hopes for the night. But I was in for a treat as not only was I going along with my lovely gorgeous antenatal crew but one of our flock was in fact playing the lead role. And she was actually really good. And I’m not just saying that because she’s a really good friend – the whole cast were excellent and for bit of something different for a night out (and also for a good price) I would totally recommend going along to this charming theatre and have a look at what this talented group of dedicated actors can do as I for one had a fantastic time.

2nd outing of the week was a much needed date night out with the Hubster. As our respective parents share the childcare of our toddler terrorist for part of the week, we tend to be a little stuck for babysitting passes and therefore nights out together these days are a few a far between. So we made the most of it. Possibly a little too much. We started with a fantastic and civilised meal at La Bottega Delitalia which is a brilliant little independent Italian restaurant in Lincoln. They have an authentic and rustic style to their cooking with fantastic service which never disappoints. They are also one of the few unlicensed eateries in the city which is actually quite quirky. Although we did forget this and the Mr did have to make a quick sprint to the local Tesco around the corner to ensure we were suitably refreshed with red wine during our meal. We then went on to the Optimist Wine Bar for a little taster of the red wine they had on offer (bit better than the earlier Tesco one I’d say!). Again, another independent business recently opened by a husband and wife team with such passion for what they do it was a pleasure to spend time not only in the beautiful surroundings of the bar, but in their company. We then went on to the Cardinals Hat for prosecco and then to the Strait & Narrow for more prosecco. Oh but don’t worry, we didn’t stop there, we then went home and had a ‘night cap’. What were we thinking?? Well, I can confirm we were not thinking at all clearly on Friday morning when the small one woke up at 6am. Yeowch.

Our final outing of the trio for the week was to a friends house for a lovely dinner and yes, more red wine and presecco. We had a fab night in their lovely newly renovated house and came back buzzing with interior ideas for our own place. We also came back with a belly full of alcohol that meant another less than fresh start the next day. When we had to go to my nephews 5th birthday party. It was a test of hangover endurance.

Whilst not exactly a wild week for some, it was just so nice to meet up with friends and, of course, spend some proper grown up time together as Husband and Wife rather than Mummy & Daddy which we so rarely do these days. Haven’t missed those hangovers this week though. Eurgh x

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