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I’ve pulled together my Mummy Essentials because as part of the Bepanthen Protects challenge, we’ve been asked by Britmums to talk about bums, baby. For those of you to who are able to relate to the obscure 1990’s Salt n Pepa reference, you’ll appreciate that the many years of experience that follow bad 1990’s hair (no GHD’s back then) and pencil thin eyebrows is pretty valuable.

Whilst I’ve hung up my low slung jeans for good and resurrected my collection of srunchies (who would have thought it) a few things have remained constant during my parenting years in terms of my mummy uniform and essential items;

A good quality changing bag that is multi-functional.

Whilst I have certainly used my Tiba and Marl backpack to the max, you can also go for a non-changing bag such as the Longchamp Pliage and use either changing pods or some cute little pouches such as this one from Jess Sadie and Baby who have a great Etsy store and some really cute stuff.

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Believe it or not, when I had my eldest boy 5.5 years ago, changing bags were really only just becoming a thing and there were some very limited ‘functional’ (i.e. ugly) options on the market. I know spending £80+ on a bag is a bit of a splurge but I’m telling you, it really is one of my top mummy essentials and will be well travelled and well used! There’s always some really great options on Ebay too so don’t discount the pre-loved option.

Let’s talk about bums baby

Now, a happy baby means a happy mummy and with my firstborn there were a lot of trials and plenty of errors. Whether it was testing 10 different colic relief options (which proved to be very expensive as well as frustrating) or remaining brand loyal to the priciest nappy brand out there due to fear of public poo explosions, we went the long way round to everything it seems. It’s true what they say, going from 0 to 1 children is definitely harder than going from 1 to 2 as you have all that experience behind you second time around to know everything will be okay.

Our eldest boy unfortunately suffered with the dreaded nappy rash a number of times and I can tell you, once it sets in it can be really tricky to get rid of. Thankfully we discovered Bepanthen before the end of his nappy days meaning my youngest has never had to experience the burning bum against nappy wipes pain. The reality is, you need to protect those little bottys against nappy rash as the inevitable combination of a rubbing nappy and acidic poo means creating a barrier between the two will protect your babys bottom from irritation. It can be used from birth and contains no fragrances, colours, preservatives, parabens or antiseptics. It does contain provitamin B5 to aid skin repair and has a handy flip top lid so, in my view, it’s much more hygenic to throw in your changing bag.

Grab some on trend trainers

Look, post pregnancy, your feet are probably a bit bigger and wider (another thing to thank Mother Nature for) and, let’s face it, the likelihood of you wearing those stiletto heels in the immediate post-partum is low due to that constant backache you have from bending over to pick up your bundle of joy every 5 minutes. My trusty Converse trainers have literally travelled the world with me and will always be my favourites, but there are lots of really cool trainers out there that will get you feeling like a hot mama again. These Vans trainers seem to be in favour at the moment, or if you really want to be down with the hipsters (possibly the most un-hip sentance I’ve ever written) these Adidas trainers have been big sellers during 2019.

Muslin squares/spill catchers/dress protectors

Now I get that this is not the most exciting of purchases but I can tell you, the faithful old muslin square is your best friend and definitely a favourite of my Mummy essentials! It can be used for a multitude of purposes whether it’s as a sick catcher (because contrary to what some will tell you, babies throw up ALOT) or as a makeshift bib or as a modesty cover for breastfeeding you’ll get so much use out of them. And get a mixture of small ones and big ones of a reasonable quality if you can stretch to it as they’ll be going in and out of the washer constantly. The White Company have got some great designs as have Mama’s and Papa’s and they do wash really well. But don’t discount the supermarkets either, they can be great quality and really affordable prices.

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together

Now in the absence of it being socially acceptable to drink gin before 11am, Elizabeth Taylors’ famous quote does offer some useful advice when you’ve been up all night and look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. With both of my boys, whatever the day/night/constant tiredness has bought, I’ve always felt more me if I can just take 5 minutes in the morning to put a face on. It may just be some foundation and mascara one day or it may just be a slick of lipstick the next but it’s all about feeling like me again. Me creating my own illusion of being slightly in control of this rollercoaster ride that is parenting. Some people do dispute that makeup is for other people but I say it’s for me. That 5 minutes in the morning can often be the only time I do something just for me as motherhood is a constant juggle of the demands of small people. Throw work into the mix and popping on your lipstick throughout the day can be as cathartic as counting to 10 and taking a deep breath as you stop yourself slapping the office apprentice who is so tired as they think they had ‘ too much sleep last night’. Your scarlet pout will laugh in the face of such nonsense. If you’re looking for some great updates to your makeup collection Bobbi Brown has some amazing lip products that have recently launched including their well regarded Lip Tint which is great if full on colour is a step too far for you.

So that’s it, my latest top 5 mummy essentials aka survival kit. I’d love to hear about what products you can’t live without on your parenting journey?

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    You brought back memories with this post including the horrors of colic. Us mums need all the help we can get. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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