Sometimes life is just so frustrating!

Well, its perhaps a bit broad to say life is so frustrating. I think we’re talking about something a little more specific. We’re talking about work.

We’ve all been there. Completing that ginormous project and no one notices. The manager who comes up with all the big ideas……..that you gave them. The work mate who is CONSTANTLY texting whilst you finish off that report they were supposed to do.

My husband and I have just had a long chat about our respective current work related frustrations. There was wine involved. And unsurprisingly we both now feel a little better…….due in part to the wine, I’m not going to deny it. However, regardless of where you work, study or in fact stay at home (I’m talking about you patience-of-a-saint stay at home mums) we all have our moments when it all gets a bit too much. So what you can you do to save a tiny bit of your sanity and avoid any arrestable offences? Well, here’s a few thoughts;

1) Talk to a friend

This is where the wine may come in. Simply talking to someone can often help you find your own solutions and your friend may come up with some ideas that you may not have thought of. After all, they know you pretty well.

2) Write the good stuff down

Making a note of the good moments (or journaling as our transatlantic friends call it) really can help to focus your mind and take you out of the spiral of doom you’re sending yourself down.

3) Check your reality

Obviously I am always right. Always. Ok, so sometimes my reality is not the actual reality. It’s not the same reality that other people are experiencing even when they share the same moment with you. Your experience will always be yours and theirs will always be theirs. And sometimes, just sometimes, frustrations are our own making. Sometimes we need to take some responsibility for ourselves rather than blaming others. This is where the wine comes back into it’s own, makes most things more palletable.

4) Pound the pavement

Or a punchbag. Or a spinning bike. Or some weights in the gym. Its well know that exercise releases the feel good stuff and overcomes that tightly wrung tension. Even if its just a walk in the fresh air, a change of environment can aid the creation of a new perspective.

And finally, sometimes you just need to let it go. Will pent up frustration and internal blood curdling anger change the situation? Nope. It will only serve to increase your blood pressure as you descend into your very own vortex of doom.

Let it go, grab a glass of wine and have a good old chat with your nearest and dearest. Now, I’m off to top up my glass.

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