Squinting at the Screen

As the title of this post eludes too, my vision is a little blurry tonight so excuse the typos and shortness of this entry – my neck just won’t take the strain of me hunching over my laptop as I practically cuddle the screen.

Have had an issue of the last couple of days with my left eye – bit of blurryness, sight loss…….you know, nothing serious (?!). Thankfully, it has turned out to be nothing too serious, or permanent for that matter. But it has had me thinking about how we take the most simple things for granted everyday. Particularly those of us blessed with this little gem called sight. The world is a beautiful place, peoples faces are so expressive and there is a plethora of information out there just waiting to be read and explored. But for those people without sight, it must be so much more of a tricky world to navigate that I just can’t imagine. It’s possible, don’t get me wrong, but the resourcefulness required to do so is incredible to me.

As my nose nearly touches the screen to write this, I just wanted to share how grateful I am for everything. All of those simple things I take for granted everyday.

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