Start Small, Think Big

As we approach the end of the year, it’s natural to start thinking about priorities and objectives for 2015. When I worked in the big corporate shiny world, we had endless ‘away days’, ‘innovation stations’ and other equally ridiculously titled meetings in order to hammer out what we wanted to achieve for the forthcoming year. We had flowcharts, pie charts, data analysis and lots of flipchart paper to define our goals and the related measures of success.

Whilst the positive intent was certainly there to create focus, did we actually look at the objectives again post February of the following year? Not particularly. Did we entirely re-write them at mid-year? More often than not.

The challenge of now working within a small business environment is that the ability to achieve goals relies on much more commitment. And, predominantly, that commitment requires a combination of time and money. Not a commodity especially prevalent in a small business, particularly when you are in the busy midst of servicing the day to day needs of your existing customers. However, its a necessary task that requires some prioritisation, even if the only time to be found is when the essential Friday night glass of wine would usually take precedence.

The key objective for us for 2015 is to achieve sustainable growth. There we are, I’ve written it down so now I must make it happen! A thought that springs to mind when considering the detail of how we will deliver this comes from a talk I attended by Richard Reeds, co-founder of Innocent Smoothies. His key mantra was ‘Start Small, Think Big’. Essentially consider scalable options when creating and reviewing your business plans. So as I do schedule time this Friday night (with the obligatory Friday night red wine) to hammer out the detail, I will use one model from my ‘old’ world and that is the GROW one;





I’ll let you know what I come up with!


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