Surviving the Christmas Chaos

The big day is nearly upon us and I’m still slightly in denial that Christmas has come around yet again. I’m even less able to compute that this is my third Christmas with a small person in tow.

The first year was a blur of broken sleep and constant feeding. The second was spent willing the little chap to get walking and talking. And I anticipate the third will be ‘gently encouraging’ the boy to stop shouting ‘Daddy poo-poo smelly’ whilst constantly being in danger of colliding with beautifully decorated Christmas tree and stealing food from any unsuspecting other small people (and grown ups) whilst they’re not looking.

Ah, they grow up fast don’t they. I’m planning on gritting my teeth whilst drinking copious amounts of Winter Pimms to cope with the toy packaging mountain, battery shortfall and choo-choo train sets overload.

I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to this Christmas with the toddler terrorist and his crew of cousins. They’re all at that young age that makes Christmas so magical. They don’t really care how many toys they have, whether its the very latest action figure or how much money you blow on them at this age. They just absolutely love spending time with everyone even though the thought of a hairy faced fat man coming down the chimney is a little too much to comprehend for them. Well, if you do think about it, you spend the whole year telling your kids not to talk to strangers and then manically enthuse that they should sit on a slightly stale breathed old dudes knee, dressed in disguise in an overly darkened MDF hut in the local garden centre. But you’ve go to love it.

I have leant a couple of lessons in this years preparations though that I’ll definitely be bearing in mind for next year to save on the constant nervous energy when I think of something I haven’t done;

  • Make lists. Lots of lists. And remember where you’ve put them. I’ve found Christmas presents that I forgot I’ve bought and remembered gifts that I haven’t bought at all. Be more organised than me!
  • Start early! Start shopping, start wrapping presents (eurgh, the endless wrapping) and start saving. We all spend more than our average monthly outgoings in December but every year we all are slightly taken by surprise when we check our bank balance!
  • Book your babysitters. In January.

Most importantly, savour every moment. Before you know it, here we’ll be again!


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