The beginning……..

Well here we are, first post on the blog on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I should in fact be having a snooze whilst my 9 month old has a nap. He’s had croup over the last 2 weeks which has left me with a delightful and oh so attractive summer cold to contend with whilst trying to develop my new career route, getting prepared for our 1st family holiday away and keeping up with the mundane necessity of having a somewhat presentable house……easy-peasey.

Holiday is a week in a cottage in North Norfolk which the hubby and I are very much looking forward too. Its a huge departure from our usual annual trip to Ibiza but the combination of maternity pay and a small child has led us to rethink that holiday format. Well for now anyway. At the moment I’m in the throes of endless list writing and ‘to do’ lists in preparation for our little break away.

However, I blame my cold for my lack of inclination to do anything but lie on the sofa watching you tube videos……unmotivated is an understatement. Maybe that snooze is a good idea after all 😉


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