The Plan B Meal Plan


I was full of optimism last Sunday when I wrote about banishing the winter lurgies……Monday at 5am we all came down with a tummy bug. Big ‘yuck’ for about 3 days. But that was last week and I’ve decided to take some positives from it;

1) We all had unexpected extra time at home together as a family…..though spent separately in different bathrooms

2) Our food budget for the week was not dented one bit and I had lots of produce to ‘carry forward’ for this week

3) I haven’t weighed this little since I was 23 years old. Every cloud and all that.

So, as we have been somewhat food deprived this past week, I’ve decided to try and add a little variety into this weeks menu as a plan b modification what we should have had this week. Make no mistake, I’m no Delia but I do try to experiment as much as I can whilst ensuring our food is, on the whole, edible for the 1 year old too. No recipes are original, pretty much all are plagiarised from experts with far more skill than me  So here it is,


Spicy Cajun chicken, smashed sweet potato & fresh corn salsa (Jamie Oliver’s 15 min meals)


Homemade salmon fishcakes, asparagus & peas (Ella’s Kitchen)


Pizza & Rocket Salad (cheat day)


Punchy pork hotpot with apples (Ella’s kitchen)


Chicken rarebit, roasted sweet potatoes & cherry tomatoes & wilted spinach

Fingers crossed I manage to make/eat all of the above, have a full week at work and perhaps (I’m pushing my luck now) get down to the gym. Although my iphone has died today (and now I haven’t back it up for ages, aaarrggghh!) I still remain optimistic that things will improve and we’ll be on an even keel (whatever that is) very soon. I’ll keep you posted!

Quote of the day;

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them” Michael Jordan

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