Well Hello there, Its been a while!

Howdy world, its been a while…….well about 3 months since my last post to be exact but hey, who’s counting?!

So I keep picking up this blog and putting it down, not quite sure what direction to take it in in an effort to find ‘my voice’ (almost sound like I know what I’m talking about there) but I’ve decided to try and make a concerted effort to commit to writing. After all, I find it both cathartic and fulfilling so I’m deprioritising all the ‘important’ things that have distracted me and am making a commitment to¬† regularly post. Just to clarify, the important things that suck up my time in the evening include surfing YouTube incessantly, trying to work out Pinterest etc. Don’t worry, I’m not unrealistic enough to believe that the washing, cooking, out of hours work will be shelved whilst a while away a few hours on here!

This is in part fuelled by some work I’m starting to do with a new Mummy app (more about that coming soon) but I’ve found that consistency and structure has always been the key with me – whether it be when studying, exercising or working. My names Amy and I’m a Planner. There, I said it. I need a plan, a structure, a goal – all of these things in order to get things done. If not, well I become a bit of an unsatisfied drifter.

So, starting as I mean to go on, I’m commissioned a person much cleverer than me to give this site a bit of revamp over the next month or two. I’ll come up with a post plan so you know what you going to get and when and (now we’re really pushing the boat out) I might try and get a bit more fancy on the photo front and commandeer the husbands fancy camera to pretty it all up.

Let’s give it a go!


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