Wonderful Working Mums Need Treating Sometimes, Here’s How.

As a busy working mum you always seem to be run off your feet without a single second spare for yourself. Although you wouldn’t change it for the world, you might just lose your sanity if you don’t get a moment to relax from time to time. You know being a parent is all about progress not perfection, so you never want to be too hard on yourself. But if you can find a way to treat yourself occasionally, you will feel calmer, happier and less stressed in an instant.

Indulge in Luxury Spa Treatments

Do you ever wish you had a spa in the comfort of your own home? Well, it actually isn’t impossible. Invest in hotel quality bath robes from Richard Haworth for that sense of decadence and imagine running a hot bath with essential oils and climbing into a warm and cosy robe afterwards – lovely. I do recommend clearing away the kids rubber ducks and irritating wind up toys first. If there’s no time for that, pop a face mask on, close your eyes and worry about it later.

Home spa essentials

Take a Mini Break

There is nothing more effective than taking a much needed getaway with your significant other or best friend. Even if it’s just a short weekend break or overnight stay, you will feel the benefits as soon as you get there. Book the kids in with their grandparents. Give yourself some time to miss the little darlings and to just be you and you’ll feel all the better for it.

Read Your Favourite Book

Diving into a good novel, romantic book or a biography is something that can really transport you away from the stress of daily life as a working mum. Stock up on a range of different books at home so that you always have a go to good read whenever you feel like it. Keep it right next to your bed so that you can escape for a few minutes a day.

Find a Wind Down Routine

There are many ways in which you can de-stress after a hectic day of school runs, work, cooking and household chores. If you can find a simple wind down routine that helps you to forget all of the stresses and strains of the day, you will feel much more relaxed on a daily basis. Whether you’re running a hot bath, watching a TV show or drinking a hot cup of tea, you can find that special something to make you feel completely at ease.

No matter how you decide to treat yourself, there will always be a way for you to de-stress as a busy parent. Whether you’re getting all of your girlfriends together for a spa day or you’re booking a break with your other half, they will all help you to recharge your batteries and feel fabulous again.

What to you do to relax, unwind and recharge? x

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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